Clocktower Runners

A Chicago Independent Running Club offering Free Marathon Training

Clocktower Runners Marathon Training Frequently Asked Questions 


Are there pacers for the long runs on Saturdays?

We provide pacers on our Saturday long runs starting from the 7:30 minute/mile pace every 30 seconds through the 11 minute/mile pace. Each pace group varies in size, but the largest group is about twenty runners with two to three pace leaders per group who have run at least a couple of marathons and in most cases more than ten marathons.

 Does Clocktower Runners have coaches?

Several of our members are RRCA (Road Runners Club of America) certified coaches and all of the pacers are experienced marathoners. Your pacers are there to help answer training questions or guide you to resources where you can find answers. Other runners in your group can also help you out. You have lots of time to talk on those long runs!


Do I have to bring my own water for the long run on Saturdays?

Unlike many other cities, Fleet Feet Sports provides several water and Gatorade stops along the Chicago Lakefront path where we do our training. The water and Gatorade are free for all running groups including ours. That means you will not necessarily have to bring a water bottle because we will stop every 2 to 3 miles for a drink (there are optional water fountains as well). Bringing your own small bottle which you can attach to a belt on your waist is often advantageous on very hot or humid mornings as you can fill up at each station. Complementary water and Gatorade are also available at the Clocktower before and after the long runs.


Is there much parking available for the Saturday long runs?

Parking at Recreation Drive is ample and you should never have trouble finding a space. The meters there (run by the Park District) are steeply discounted as well, especially compared to the other Chicago Parking meters, so it is a good value. There are also plenty of bicycle racks which to lock your bike at the site.